The devil – Alcohol

The devil lives on, in the form of alcohol,

Breaking families, shattering love, building a wall.

Humans let the devil in their body, knowingly so

Hence turning their bright swan, into an evil, dark crow.

Breaking the bonds of love, playing with their fate,

Only a few realise, but not until it’s too late.

For a few moments of “pleasure”, they give up their life,

Turning, what once was affection, into an everlasting strife.

Never do you think once, about how your young ones feel,

Its not just their happiness, but also their childhood you steal.

It kills you later, destroys you first

Drink it, and you’ll be the one used to quench it’s thirst.


I request you, give up this habit of yours.

Why let an unknown entity break your family?

Why let a few puffs of smoke, cloud your happiness?

If you don’t think about yourselves, please think about your family.

For an evening of your “pleasure”, you may end up destroying your, or someone else’s life.

If you are a dad, think about your wife and children. Do they like seeing you like this?

If you are a brother, think about your parents, and your siblings. You were not brought up to be this way, were you?

If you are a son, think about everyone who set expectations on you. How do you feel, breaking them all?

If you are a human, please consider the feelings you hurt, all because of the devil.

It will kill you later, it will destroy you first.

Its a request to everyone reading this, please think about your family, before you give your body to this devil, alcohol.


Poem- Karma strikes

In the due course of time, destiny’s plans were about to unfold,

In his book of life, a new story was about to be told.

The closed chapters were to begin again,

All those false hardships, to go in vain.

He was in the clear, or so he thought,

He was about to meet, what fate to him had brought.

Provoked were the cheated ones, justice they sought

To bring him down, together they fought

He sure had power, but was suppressed

For the lord had decided to help those distressed

In the struggle to hide his deeds, bad

He could not help but lose everything he had

Everything changed for him, even his clocks turned

For it was the Lord, whose wrath he had earned

“Now, after this, a word from the wise,

Never should you underestimate the Lord’s eyes.”

Poem – Dont bully

Every coin has two sides, neither being the main

Hence always think twice, before calling someone a name

In the circus of life, the little ones are the lions tame

And the bullies, who consider them pawns of their game

But remember, coins can flip, situations can change

The chained up lions, can grow their range,

Let them lose, and even the devil shall fear

Stand up for themselves they will, anymore when they wouldnt bear

Storing their emotions, over and about,

May cause extreme destruction when let out.

If you don’t believe me, continue as you may

And you shall experience it yourself, one fine day

Poem – Birth

Sleeping cosily, in a ball i was curled,

Drifting away slowly, into the dream world.

When i was pulled out from my home,

And wrapped up in a blanket, softer than foam.

I yelled, and cried, i really was angry,

Woken up from my nap, now cold and hungry.

Why was i here?, My little brain thought,

Why away from home, had i been brought?

I was finally fed and i dozed off again,

All this crying had put upon me, a strain.

My life went on like this for an year,

Until i could finally understand quite clear.

I was now an year old, and did whatever i felt,

Anything, from tearing papers to chewing on dad’s belt.

I had many people to care for me,

After all, i was a new leaf in our family tree.

Time passed, now i could walk,

And was learning fast, how to talk.

I mostly played and slept all day,

Fed every hour, with my little bottle and tray.

I grew faster than ever,and before i knew,

I had been enrolled for something new.

School it was called, i was not the only one,

There were others like me, deprived of their freedom and fun.

My parents left me at the gate, where a man took me inside,

I felt uncomfortable,and so i cried.

I missed my home, and hated my school,

For this was the only place, which i didn’t rule.

Days , weeks and months passed,

I started to like school at last.

After all i had made some friends,

We followed our own rules and trends.

When i realised, this world is really fun

And so is my new life, that had just begun.

I have a long journey, i know,

So wish me luck, for there’s a long way to go

Poem – Busy Hours

My life these days, is dull and boring

The burden of work, upon me is roaring.

Sitting busy and aloof, i usually am,

As lots of stuff in little time, i have to cram.

But due to this, my skills are lost

Putting my creativity, at a cost.

I sit so quiet these days, that i start to stutter

Just ‘cuz i have to earn, my bread and butter

I earn money, but lose myself, everyday

Nothing more about it, i have to say

I just ask for some time, some cooperation,

And the thing i need most, some motivation

Poem – Road To Heaven

Floating alone, lost deep in thought

I was wondering what fortune to me had brought.

Was this the very thing that my destiny sought?

Possibly could this cure my soul’s drought?

But this was not the time to wonder

Since a moment’s delay could strike a bolt of thunder

I had to go, meet my fate

It was, all this while, waiting for me at the heavens’ gate

My soul soared high, my destination was the home of God

To have made this far, the heart of my mortal shell must have been broad

Reaching the doors of heaven, I was greeted

The guardians took me with surprise

But nicely was I treated

They made sure I was who I meant to be

I passed their tests, then came the result

I was let inside, finally, my soul was eternally free

Poem – Land Of Mystery

This is a land of fantasy,

Where reality comprises of your thoughts and dreams

Truly, a vision of ecstasy,

Full of grasses, trees, hills and streams.

Where happiness falls like a shooting star

Where memories are made and people cherish

Where hearts meet, both close and far,

And darkness here, is bound to perish

This land is inhabited by us, the elves,

Here we do everything by ourselves.

Please make yourself comfortable, there is no fuzz,

For those won’t hurt you, the bees here only buzz.

However, there is a danger, maybe of your concern,

It’s just that whoever enters this world, can never return…

Poem – Hard Life

If you think your life is bad,

And you have had it rough,

Think about those people my lad,

Whose lives truly define the word tough.


You may have a few comforts

Moments of tension, maybe some issues

While there are those who can’t

Afford to wipe tears with tissues

Working all day, with little wages

They live with absolute modesty,

Collecting little by little through the ages.

You may have a bed to rest, a comfortable seat

While they hardly have crust to eat.


However, in their hearts is hope

Even if it is of the strength of a burnt rope

That with the common people will they be able to cope,

To become common is their will,having stuff from carpets to soap

Even though with little scope,

Their lives are run by this hope


Learn from those, have a strong will

As the amount of problems in life, 

Is comparable to the size of a hill,

It is natural for man to go through strife.

Life is something complex, not a bed of roses,

You should be strong here,

As you are bound to have some losses

For life cannot always be fair

Poem – Betrayal

Left behind those days now are

And those memories can only come this far

Promises made by him he broke

On the shards of lies he was to choke

So full of greed he was

He didn’t recognise the path which to cross

He ended up on the evil road

Wanting others to do his bidding and bear his load…

Gullible I was, easily fooled

Taking that as an advantage,

Over me he ruled

Made me his servant, in a friendly manner

Yet I couldn’t realise,

That he was the stingy spanner

With lies smoother than butter

He disguised his true personality

Which was of an evil nutter

I came to see the truth, but it was too late

The damage to be done, was done

Truth was decieved, love became hate

My happy self was lost, clouds of sorrow hid my sun,

He stole from me, everything he took

I was sad, mind was unstable

For with betrayal he had me violently shook

My story had become a depressing fable

My companion he was, my best friend

A comrade who you could trust

But he was used to betraying, it was his trend

Breaking my trust, as if a piece of crust

Revenge crossed my mind, but better I knew

Law took the lead, anyways,my options were few

Keepers of morality caught him, greed led him to a cell

But I was satisfied, for he had already been sentenced,

To the eternal torments and agonies of hell


Roses are red ,

Violets are blue

All this while you must be thinking

Where destiny will take you to

Roses are red ,

Snails are slow

Your destination is uncertain
Maybe somewhere high, or maybe low
 Roses are red


Make yourself comfortable
For this is a long journey
Bound to be unstable
 Roses are red ,
Woodcutters cut wood,
Don’t worry, my dear
Your journey will be good
Roses are red , 
Naughty was the elf
Now it is time for you
To see what future holds, for yourself.